On-Demand Webinar

Armor's Armchair Sales Experts

 Carole Mahoney, Unbound Growth


Carole Mahoney, Founder & Chief Sales Coach from Unbound Growth will sit down with Greg Armor on January 19 at 4PM EST to discuss:

  • The cognitive behavioral approach to sales and why it's so important
  • Sales trends that will affect businesses in 2021
  • Why sales coaching is important to develop your sales organization
  • And more!

What is Armor's Armchair?

Greg Armor interviews top sales experts across multiple industries to discuss the latest in sales leadership, sales management, industry trends, and more. These one-on-one brief interviews will give you a deeper understanding of what other sales leaders handle on a day to day basis.


Tune in to the webinar to gain top-tier insights into:

The state of sales in a remote world
• Key pain points sales leaders are facing and how to overcome them
• Ways to motivate reps and managers, and much more!

Designed by sales leaders.

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Greg Armor

EVP of Sales Gryphon Networks

Greg brings over 20 years of sales experience leading hyper-growth sales organizations. As an executive leader, Greg thrives on scaling successful businesses, building strong teams, and establishing long-term client relationships. Greg spent the last 3.5 years at BitSight building and leading their sales organization, growing top-line revenue by 15x. Prior to joining BitSight, he served 5 years as the Senior Vice President, World-Wide Sales at Tangoe experiencing the same level of hyper-growth.


Carole Mahoney

Founder & Chief Sales Coach, Unbound Growth

Carole has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor. She is the founder of Unbound Growth, a scientific sales coaching and training firm that eliminates the guesswork of hiring the right salespeople and how to create and scale superhero sales teams using a cognitive behavioral approach that is driven by predictable data. These custom sales training and coaching programs have helped salespeople go from on plan, or barely making quota, to consistently achieving 130-160% of quota in less than 6 months with a 98% annual customer retention rate.


Less than half of salespeople meet quota despite investments in sales technology and training. Even meeting quota is often not enough due to customer churn. If technology and training alone is not the answer, and selling more is not enough - how do you increase revenue? The road to growth requires raising performance levels across the sales team for predictable quota attainment and customer retention.

Unbound Growth, a scientific sales development firm, eliminates the guesswork of how to hire the right salespeople and develop superhero sales teams using a cognitive behavioral approach that is driven by data that delivers predictable revenue. We analyze and compare over 282 different sales attributes to design development programs that install the right mindsets, behaviors and skill sets that align with how your buyers make decisions.

As a result, sales teams have achieved 130-160% of quota in less than 6 months with a 98% annual customer retention rate.