Why Real-Time, AI-Powered Guided Coaching is the Next Big Sales Technology


Now that sales teams across the country have acclimated to remote selling and updated their tech stacks accordingly, it’s time to turn your team into a data-driven machine and win more deals with the help of guided coaching.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered guided coaching is an investment in your sales team’s productivity. AI assistants identify coaching needs in real-time, providing your reps with the right messaging during live calls to improve performance, progress deals, and close more revenue.

This guide demonstrates:

    • What sets real-time AI-guided coaching apart from other sales tools
    • How AI-guided coaching can benefit your sales team
    • What to look for in an AI-guided coaching provider
    • Features to look for in a solution, and more!

"Companies that provide decent sales coaching increased revenue by 8.4% year-over-year, which is a 95% improvement over companies that do not provide this kind of coaching." (Taskdrive)